Kettle of Sunshine

Integrative Massage By Kristin Gregoire (Local Delivery Only)

Florence Coffee Co (Local Delivery Only)

Big Dipper Ice Cream (Local Delivery Only)

Roxy Theater Ticket (Local Delivery Only)

Stuffed Animals


Frolic - Manicure or Pedicure (Local Delivery Only)

Greeting Card

Seattle Chocolates (Local delivery only)

2.5oz Seattle Chocolate Truffle Bars (Local Delivery Only)

Bequet Caramels (Local delivery only)

An arrangement of sunflowers, fillers, twigs and a butterfly in a Kettlehouse half growler with a gift certificate for a free fill.

Kettlehouse Brewing Company is located at 313 N 1st St W in Missoula.

24"H x 8"W

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As Shown - $36.95